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Project Peace Lights is dedicated to accelerating the timeline for developing and delivering peace education globally, initially in the African Union.

Why the African Union?

The African Union (AU) is unique in the world. Besides being the most conflict-ridden part of the world, the 1.3 Billion people actually have a visionary 50-year plan, Agenda 2063, that specifically calls for peace education.

Apriration #4: A Peaceful & Secure Africa

A culture of peace and tolerance shall be nurtured in Africa’s children and youth through peace education.”

Overcoming the political challenges of gaining agreement on the part of all the nations of the AU to ratify Agenda 2063 is monumental in human history. And while the AU works to achieve their First Ten-Year Implementation Plan and associated Key Outcomes, the challenges of addressing the peace education facet of the plan remains unaddressed.

There are several reasons behind the lack of progress on what is, arguably, one of the most important and impactful parts of the entire 50-year plan. That is where Project Peace Lights comes in


What is Peace Education?

According to H.E. Adonia Ayebare, former AU Ambassador for peace and security to the United Nations, one of the challenges to making progress towards achieving peace education is the lack of a solid definition of what peace education actually means. In short, “peace education” is an ill-defined term.

Defining, developing a curriculum, and rolling out peace education in the AU must be done BY AFRICANS FOR AFRICA. That does not mean, however, that significant contributions will not come from the other 80% of the world and, especially, the AU Diaspora. These contributions will come in many forms.

Project Peace Lights was formed to catalyze and help facilitate a measurable, manageable, and inclusive process to accelerate the timeline to achieving the rollout of peace education in the African Union.

Accelerating this timeline will LITERALLY save lives.

This fact is most clearly and powerfully demonstrated in the story of AU Diaspora member Claudette Colvin, whose actions on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, nine months before Rosa Parks had a significant impact on accelerating the entire timeline of the American Civil Rights Movement in the United States. She was 15-years old at the time!


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